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Introducing PGI Plastics: Your Gateway to Petropol® Solutions in North America

At Petropol®, we are dedicated to expanding our global footprint and bringing our sustainable engineering compounds to new horizons. Today, we are excited to introduce you to our trusted partner, PGI Plastics, as the conduit to our solutions in the dynamic North American market.

Our Collaborative Journey

In our ongoing quest to provide innovative solutions, Petropol® has teamed up with PGI Plastics. Founded in 2017 in Orlando, Florida, PGI Plastics was established with a clear mission: to be the bridge between Petropol's sustainable materials and the North American market. With a commitment to understanding our customers' unique needs, PGI Plastics offers technical expertise, commercial guidance, logistical efficiency, and financial support, ensuring the availability of Petropol's high-quality materials at competitive prices.

Extending Our Reach

PGI Plastics serves as the trusted distributor of Petropol® solutions, not only in the United States but also throughout Canada and Mexico. Our partnership with PGI Plastics transcends geographical boundaries, as they actively engage in international trade, connecting businesses worldwide with Petropol's innovative materials.

Specialized Support

PGI Plastics specializes in more than distribution; they are your dedicated partner in success. Their team excels at helping clients tackle unique business challenges. Whether you're seeking the ideal material for your application, require technical consultancy to optimize processes, or wish to explore sustainable solutions, PGI Plastics is your go-to resource for all things Petropol® in North America.

A Promise of Excellence

At PGI Plastics, excellence is the cornerstone of everything we do. From material selection to solution delivery, we prioritize your success. We understand that your projects demand a partner who shares your commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation.

Get in Touch

We invite you to explore PGI Plastics' website further to discover Petropol's extensive range of sustainable engineering compounds and the solutions we offer. When you're ready to embark on your next project or require Petropol's expertise in North America, we encourage you to reach out to the PGI Plastics team. They stand ready to assist you in achieving your goals and unlocking the full potential of Petropol® solutions.

Thank you for considering PGI Plastics as your trusted gateway to Petropol® in North America. Together, we are shaping a more sustainable, innovative, and prosperous future.


• Nypol®S – An innovative and sustainable bio-based polyamide compound designed to meet global challenges and industry demands for high-performance engineering compounds. Nypol®S is formulated with polyamide 5.6 (PA5.6), a partially renewable and low-carbon footprint alternative. It redefines performance by combining cutting-edge engineering with sustainability.


• Makropol®S – is a range of sustainable polycarbonate compounds (PC) that combine the exceptional properties of this resin with Petropol®’s formulation expertise. This new variation offers a high-performance material with a reduced carbon footprint, without compromising the quality and durability demanded by the market.

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